Ages 5 and up


At Lego club, we love Legos! Each meeting has a themed challenge for those who need some inspiration and completed creations will be put on display for the whole Library to see! Come and build with us!


Monday, October 18 at 10 am


Ages 1-5

Join us outside on Sutton Common for singing, dancing, and stories with Ms. Deb Hudgins!
This program is weather dependent.

Art of Science - Take and Make Resources!

Newton's Laws


First, learn about our Alka-seltzer rocket experiment at :

Instructions by Ms. Shannon:


Now, learn more about the oobleck experiment at :

Bubble Trouble!
Instructions by Ms. Shannon

Reuse, Replant, Recycle!


Instructions by Ms. Shannon:

Here is a peek at Ms. Shannon's Observation Log!

Super Cool Science!
First, instructions by Ms. Shannon:

Then learn some more technical info about snowflakes here: 

Water Cycle!
If you want even more information, watch
Then Instructions by Ms. Shannon: 

String Art!
Watch this: