Sutton Seed Lending Library

It's that time of year again! Our Seed Lending Library is open for the 2019 garden season. We have vegetable, herb and ornamental seeds available and many gardening books to browse as you plan your home garden. If you have any saved and/or unused seeds from last summer, please consider donating them to our seed library.

Seed Lending Library
The Sutton Seed Lending Library is located in the Sutton Library. We have free open-pollinated, heirloom seeds available to patrons. Select some seeds, plant them in your garden, and try your hand at seed saving in the fall. By returning some of those seeds to the
library, you are helping to continue he
irloom varieties and sharing 
 Available seeds for the 2018 growing season: 


     Gold Rush Bush 
     Royal Burgundy Bush
     Sunset Runner Bean
Detroit Dark Red Beet
Red Express Cabbage

Napoli Carrot
Rainbow Blend Chard
Green Finger Cucumber
Vates Kale
      Lolla Rossa
      Rouge d'Hiver
      Salad Bowl
Rocky Ford Muskmelon
High Mowing Mild Mustard Blend
Laxton's Progress #9 Shell Pea
      Early Jalapeno Hot Pepper
      King of the North Sweet Pepper
Cinderella Pumpkin
Ostergruss Radish
Butterflay Spinach
      Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash
      Delicata Winter Squash
Roma VF Paste Tomato
Toma Verde Tomatillo
Purple Top White Globe Turnip

Lemon Balm

Golden Yellow Zinnia
Orange Cosmos
Purple Coneflower
Blue Boy Batchelor's Buttons
Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflower

For instructions on seed saving, pick up an informational sheet at the library, browse our gardening books collection or check out some of our favorite websites below: