Working on a state project for 4th grade?
Check out these resources:
Click on the icon to the left to access A to Z the USA. You'll need a library card to log in to A to Z the USA.  It's packed full of data for each state. 

Click on the icon to the left to check out kids InfoBits. Kids InfoBits is available thanks to the Mass Board of Library Commisioners.

As always, we have state books here and we can request more to be sent here from other libraries.

Children's Play and Reading Area

Come in to play and read in the children's section!
In our rug area, we have plenty of toys, puzzles, and blocks to entertain younger children, or come in and relax in a comfy armchair and read a book to your child.
We also have a craft table with coloring pages and a drop-in craft for children to enjoy.
We hope to see you soon!